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Most Recent First, Except for Two TV Documentaries (2021 & 2019). 


ZED (2019) - SMART AS A GOAT (2024) - Cattle have intricate social lives that aren't readily apparent


NPR Goats and Soda (2024) - Here's why you should never say, 'You're as stupid as a goat'

BBC, CBBC Newsround (2024) - Goats can tell how humans are feeling by hearing their voice

Popular Science (2022) - Can artificial intelligence help us understand animals?

Poultry World (2022) - Artificial Intelligence to detect poultry distress

New Scientist (2022) - AI that detects chicken distress calls could improve farm conditions

The Guardian (2022) - AI could improve welfare of farmed chickens by listening to their squawks

SCIENCE (2022) - Artificial intelligence could spot baby chickens in distress

Biologia In Situ (2022) (in Portuguese) Cangurus: bem ou mal encarados?

Scientific American (2021) - Kangaroos with Puppy Dog Eyes

BBC News (2020) - Kangaroos can 'communicate' with humans

PHYSORG (2020) - Kangaroos can intentionally communicate with humans

New York Times (2020) - ‘A Social Species’: How Kangaroos Communicate With People

University of Sydney (2020) - What's up Skip? Kangaroos really can 'talk' to us


The Independent (2020) - Anger as Instagram refuses to remove ‘vile’ videos of animal cruelty published as ‘entertainment’ (2020) - Distress calls from baby chicks predict the health of the whole flock

PHYSORG (2020) - Simple way of 'listening' to chicks could dramatically improve welfare

People (2020) - Study Finds Goats Can Understand Human Gestures Like Pointing

Animal Professional Podcast by DOOBERT.COM -  Supporting animal rescue organizations and their volunteers by improving the coordination and communications required during animal rescue (2020) - WEB LINK

PHYSORG (2019) - Goats can distinguish emotions from the calls of other goats

The Guardian (2019) - Goats can distinguish emotions from each other's calls


National Geographic (2019) - Goats can perceive each other’s emotions from their voices

New Scientist (2019) - Goats reveal their feelings with the sound of distinctive bleats

The Washington Post (2018) - Step one for befriending a goat: Smile

China Daily (2018) - I'm not kidding: Goats can read your face

The Hans India (2018) - Goats prefer smiling human faces to grumpy ones

JORNAL DA USP (BRAZIL) (2018) (in Portuguese) - Cabras surpreendem cientistas ao identificar expressões faciais humanas

Europe1 (France) (2018) (in French- Les chèvres préfèrent les visages heureux

PHYSORG (2018) - Goats prefer happy people

BBC News (2018) - Goats drawn to happy human faces

Sheep Pig Goat (2017) - "A creative research project that brings together dancers, singers, musicians, sheep, pigs, goats and other animals, to explore communication and empathy between species."

SCIENCE (2017) - Goats know what their friends sound like

PHYSORG (2016) - Goats, sheep and cows could challenge dogs for title of 'man's best friend'

SCIENCE (2016) - These goats stare at men—when they want help

PHYSORG (2016) - Could goats become man's best friend?

PHYSORG (2015) - Fallow deer are all about the bass when sizing up rivals

PHYSORG (2014) - Researchers listen in on 'conversations' between calves and their mothers

PHYSORG (2014) - Animal welfare could be improved by new understanding of their emotions

BBC News (2014) - Cow researchers find meanings behind moos


Popular Science (2014) - Animal welfare could be improved by new understanding of their emotions

BUZZFEED (2014) - A 3-Step Guide To Knowing If Your Goat Is Happy


National Public Radio (NPR) (2014) - How Can You Tell If Your Goat Is Happy? Now We Know!

Scientific American (2014) - Bucks Groan Loud and Fast to Get the Girl

BioMed Central (2014) - Goats, the boffins of the farmyard


Modern Farmer (2014) -  Goats Smarts: No longer the Barnyard Idiots

Spiegel (2014) (in German)Ziegen errinnern sich an komplizierte Tricks

ScienceDaily (2014)Goats: far more clever than previously thought, with excellent memory


PHYSORG (2014) - Goats are far more clever than previously thought 

PHYSORG (2014) - Fight or flight? Vocal cues help deer decide during mating season 


PHYSORG  (2013) - What's in a name?

The Age (2013) - Size matters in the naming game


Huffington Post (2013)Baby Name And Gender: Do Parents Unconsciously Pick 'Big' And 'Small' Sounding Name?


The Telegraph (2013) Boys' names designed to 'sound larger'


The Independent (2013) Parents influenced by evolutionary tendency when naming children

BBC News (2013) Happy goats: How animal rehab works

PHYSORG (2013) Rescue me: New study finds animals do recover from neglect


SEEKER (2013) Goats Can Recover From Neglect


Science World Report (2013)Sanctuary: Animals Find a New Life in a New Home

PHYSORG (2013) Female deer take control during the mating season (2012)Mother Goats 'Know Kids' Voice' After a Year Apart


Sydney Morning Herald (2012) - Goats Remember Kids' Voices After 12 Months


Huffington Post (2012)Mother Goats Remember Kids' Bleats Even After Long Separation, Study Shows


Inkfish (2012)Goat Moms Recognize Their Kids Saying "Ma!"


New York Times (2012)Mother Goats Can recognize Kids Bleats After Separation

Live Science (2012) - Baa, Baa Mama! Goats Remember Their Babies' Cries


ScienceDaily (2012) Goat Kids Can Develop Accents

New Scientist (2012) Young goats can develop distinct accents

PHYSORG (2012) Mother goats do not forget kids, recognize their voices a year after weaning

Pour La Science (2012) (in French) - L'accent des chèvres

Corriere Della Sera (2012) (in Italian) - Anche le capre hanno un loro accento 

National Geographic Brazil (2012) (in Portuguese) - Cabras podem desenvolver sotaques, revela pesquisa

Scientific American (2012) - Upbleat Finding: Kids Start to Sound Alike over Time

Scienceline (2011) - Are you my mother?


PHYSORG (2011) Mother and kid goat vocals strike a chord

BBC Earth News (2011) Goats recognise their kids' voices

El Mundo (2011) (in Spanish) - Female deer confirm bigger is not always better when choosing a mate 

ScienceDaily (2011) Female deer confirm bigger is not always better when choosing a mate

The Guardian (2010) Women with high-pitched voices go nuts over men with deep voices (2010) (in German) - Bei Damhirschen altert auch die Stimme mit

PHYSORG (2010) Honest Deer Every Year

PHYSORG (2009) - Fallow deer become hoarse in the hunt for a mate

Countrylife (2009)Deer become hoarse in the hunt for a mate

Hirsche (2009) - Heiser durch Partnersuche

Medical Xpress (2008) - Disease clues passed from mothers to offspring

BBC Autumnwatch (2008) - Listen to an audio interview with scientist 
Dr. Alan McElligott who studies fallow deer

Daily Telegraph (2008) - Females prefer 'a low a deep groan'


PHYSORG (2008) - The groan says it all -- dominant male deer have the deepest calls

Science Daily (2008) - Honest Lovers? Fallow Buck Groans Reveal Their Status And Size During The Rut

Science Daily (2006)Mother Deer Cannot Recognize The Calls Of Their Own Offspring But Sheep And Reindeer Can


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